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Hello, allow me to introduce myself to you… I am Danae Monroe.  I am an all natural beauty standing 5 ft 8 , with a seductive feminine frame.  I am busting with a bosom boasting measurement of 38 DDD. While I am a bit curvy and more luscious these days, I am still at a healthy weight.  I am the quintessential brunette, blue eyed babe.

I am currently refining and tuning my skills in the healing arts.  I am currently a Reiki 2 and on my way to becoming a Reiki Master.  For those of you who are not sure what Reiki is, you should Google it.  It is a wonderful healing art form.

I love to travel and hopefully I can be your companion to even more exotic and relaxing locations.
I have currently visited Hawaii, Alaska, Las Vegas and Phoenix AZ. My dream would be to venture somewhere outside of the U.S. Perhaps to Mexico, Greece, Europe and any Tropical Place you can think of.

If you are wondering what my fantasy date would be, or trying to plan for the two of us…

Here are a few things to lead you in the right direction:

My fantasy date would be on a beach with great vegan cuisine. One of my favorite things to do is to run my dog on the beach. My favorite color is turquoise( If you are pondering the perfect clothing or jewelry gift). I am into health and wellness, so a date to the gym, rock climbing, hiking etc is also a fun activity for us to share together. I love to get pampered from head to toe , so treating me to a day spa or treating us both to a couple’s massage is also something I would be interested in.. My motto is Health is wealth. I am currently not Vegan anymore and have transitioned to being a Pescatarian. I meditate everyday and believe that we manifest our reality. My favorite hobbies are Yoga, Pilates and all kinds of fitness activities.

I consider myself to be grounded ,down to earth ,lady next door type. I call myself a goddess because I believe we are all goddesses. I am very spiritual In a sensual way. I believe in oneness and we are extensions of source energy. I am very well groomed , but you won’t find me wearing a lot of makeup but I still like to dress up. I am not a dirty hippy but I guess I am a high maintenance one, somewhat of a Bohemian vibe.

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